Oh brother, it was an early morning! Up cooking breakfast for grandchildren soon to be arriving.

Managed to forget about my own breakfast until 10:30, so enjoyed a brunch of sorts, after completing my circuit training program on my phone. Yea!

Attended a recovery meeting,  and shared my struggle to acknowledge that I am truly grateful for my life, and that I want to be healthy,  not obsessing about 10, 20 whatever #of pounds I somehow think I need to lose immediately to feel better about myself. And not even just better about myself but somehow acceptable. But I want to be acceptable the way I am. I want to be in love with myself as I am right now, not some idealized body shape, weight, whatever. If I can’t accept who I am in this moment, there’s no way I will be able to accept who I am becoming… next month, next year or however long God allows me to roam this planet. Acceptance versus shame is the goal.

So many times I have gotten twisted up in things that are just not worth my time with respect my body image, aging and imperfection. I need to let these things go and embrace myself as I am. Growing older is a gift denied to many. I will be grateful for each day I am given and do my best to live it as fully and completely as I can. But I  am definitely a work in progress. ♡

Goodnight dear friends, sweet dreams.