I did manage to do my exercise routine; upped my minutes and felt very good about it. I look at the routine as something I do to get stronger and to lift my mood. I am also trying to move away from negative self-talk in the area of food and food choices.

I didn’t initially plan to write about a big plastic flamingo as pictured above. But this plastic lawn ornament that I’ve come to love and who has two brothers (not pictured here), just stands perched in all its pink glory in my front yard, regardless of people’s opinions, regardless of fashion and in spite of the weather. This pink flamingo is nothing more or less than what he is. True, he is a hollow piece of plastic. I don’t wish to be a piece of plastic, or, pink with a yellow beak for that matter. However, I do wish to have the same resiliency as this silly plastic bird.

So glad to end the day with you my friends.  G’night and sweet dreams. ♡♡