Welcome to a new month, so to speak. We have traveled 28 days together, and it has been an interesting journey of actually blogging every single day. I have to say, I am proud of myself.

Today was a good day, sun shining and a double portion of cell-phone work out under my belt. Spent a good deal of the day thrifting and texting old friends I haven’t heard from in awhile, trying to catch up. Then, a lengthy walk with the spouse around the mall and, mall parking area to obtain a food scale to expand my gf flour-making repertoire.

Did spend a bit of time reading this afternoon, and I know I have some work to do with respect to handing over old memories that don’t want to hit the road. Instead, many times they pop up, well, like pop-ups online in a news story you are trying to read, and the stupid pop-up keeps coming up , wanting you to buy a car, life insurance or watch the latest medieval soap opera. Anyway, enough with the pop ups. I am ready to move past it, and ask God for the ultimate pop-up blocker. Some days I am better at engaging the pop-blocker of Christ’s care and control, and other days it feels like a game of whack-a-mole gone out of control. But slowly, I am seeing progress. It’s funny though, the more progress I see on this, the more disconcerting the pop-up, when it happens, tends to be.

A lovely evening of watering the garden and enjoying the night air and it is now time to wind down for the evening. So all in all, a day in which I felt like things were in a better space.

Well, that is my journey for now. So glad to know I have folks traveling the road with me, here and in my accountability circles. Much love and peace.