I began this blog back on July 26, 2016 as a way to chronicle my efforts to become fit and sprinkle in some 12-step too. It then developed into more of a spiritual journey, still holding fast to the principles of 12-step recovery. I have battled through a lot in the last 4 years as this blog illustrates. And I don’t tend to hide much, including the fact that I look at the world through a lens that is colored by my experiences and personal character. God formed the vessel, and through what has happened as I have traveled though this world, I can only relay what I know and experience. So that’s what I do, nothing more, nothing less.

Much like July 2016, May 2020 finds me unemployed through no fault of my own, and looking into an uncertain future. I have little anxiety though, other than personal health issues. I know that God’s had me though some hairy, heavy stuff, and I figure this is just another chuck-hole we’ll manage through.

However, unlike 4 years ago, we are currently going through a national crisis, with a virus that has been slowly making it’s way through our world and causing havoc. In an effort to slow and minimize the devastation, steps were taken, and the world looks a bit different. These efforts are up for debate. To the effect that it is beginning to turn households and brothers and sisters against each other. Each side with heartfelt concerns. But the enemy is somehow fanning the flames of vehement discord. Each discussion, protest and social media post being more hate-filled than the last.

The world is watching. Can we have differing opinions, ideas and passions without chewing each other up and spitting out the remains? Or will the world see our behavior and turn away in disgust, rolling their eyes and rightfully deciding that we and our God have nothing better to offer than anyone else?

Many people have been hiding in their homes in fear, whether it’s fear of the virus or economic insecurity or going to essential jobs in fear. This has been an opportunity for reaching out and loving on these folks and showing the love of God like nothing else. If we’d spend HALF the energy on reaching out to people who are hanging by a thread in isolation that we do in chasing on social media after the next conspiracy or how to shout down somebody who we don’t agree with then maybe, just maybe, we won’t squander one of the greatest opportunities to reach people with the love of Jesus there has EVER been.

So there’s that. I really wanted to nap and make something yummy to eat this afternoon, but God’s been at me to write for several days. So here it is. I love you all, and hope that we can continue meeting for the next 4 years, or however many years God allows.

I just want to do the next right thing. I think we all do.

Much Love.