Yesterday was a hard day, so today was about trying to get some rest and relaxation. Unfortunately, life has a way of pushing it’s way into your rehab time and I had to just deal with it. But I got through the day with mercies all around.

One thing I am slowly (very slowly) coming to grips with, is that I cannot get too wrapped up in what others want from me, how they behave or what their motivations are or aren’t. I can only control myself and my behaviors. I can submit my broken emotions to God and ask Him to repair them and show me the path through. I do this, instead of running or hiding from unpleasant emotions, as I had in the past.

It has been a journey though, to recognize this in myself and to catch myself contemplating a run, when I need to slow down and use my tools and travel through the emotion. It’s tough, and some days I am more graceful at it than others.

Sorry if the entry does not make a whole lot of sense, as I was hurt yesterday and have been a little foggy in the head ever since.

But better days are surely ahead. I have faith and hope. And love and good friends.

Peace to you, wherever you are. G’night dear ones.