Recovery and the Jellyfish

I have had a week. I'm sure many of you have had weeks where it seems like getting to the last work day of your week seemed like the greatest accomplishment of recent memory. This was one of those weeks. Thus, I have not written much, my sincerest apologies dear readers/fellow sojourners. I have actually… Continue reading Recovery and the Jellyfish

The bright side

I gotta say it. Today the sun came out after what seemed like weeks of rain and I felt so encouraged. I physically felt pretty good, so on to get stuff done. I hope to write a number of entries in between all the running about today. In a meeting I attended, we were being… Continue reading The bright side

Willing Encouragement

Snow, rain, wet, cold. It's been a bit gunky, for sure.  The weather seems to be having a bit of a trouble deciding what it wants to do. It's ok, I'll just stay inside and watch the endless changes. Got to go to a luncheon the other day and heard a lot of great speakers… Continue reading Willing Encouragement

Friday Acceptance

Rainy, windy and kinda chilly. But that's okay. Working on "weather acceptance". Chuckling to myself, as this marks a new chapter in my attempt to quit whining about how much I hate the weather when it turns rainy and cold. Today, I find myself struggling with acceptance of another kind. We have a saying in… Continue reading Friday Acceptance