Grateful challenge…

I'm thankful that we're still mostly dodging the rain, and even seeing a burst of sunshine from time to time. I enjoy the beauty wherever I can. It is lovely when the sun hits the greenery just right. The last several months have been challenging to say the least, with respect to family. I am… Continue reading Grateful challenge…


Waiting in Faith

I actually got up and got going to the gym, and spent almost 20 minutes using the equipment, which is a big accomplishment for me. I then came home and spent another 45 minutes doing hard labor on the pavement in front of our garage, attempting to tidy up so it didn't look quite so… Continue reading Waiting in Faith

Willing faithfulness

It was so warm today. Unseasonably so. But, again, I am not complaining, because it means our heating bill stays low, and I don't have to wear gloves (yet). Right now, I am in the midst in my first online movie "binge", watching several episodes of a historically-based miniseries where the main character has lost… Continue reading Willing faithfulness