Grateful challenge…

I'm thankful that we're still mostly dodging the rain, and even seeing a burst of sunshine from time to time. I enjoy the beauty wherever I can. It is lovely when the sun hits the greenery just right. The last several months have been challenging to say the least, with respect to family. I am… Continue reading Grateful challenge…


Sunday gratitude ☺

Getting up this morning, I am encouraged that we might see a break in the rainy pattern of late, and that the day may be bright and sunny. I would love to see a few more flowers on my plants before the cold comes and I must mulch them under for protection from the winter… Continue reading Sunday gratitude ☺

Guest Post ~ Rebellion and Unconditional Love

Guest Post ~ authored by Cari Wagy   I’ve been reading a devotional that chronicles the journey of a dog Stella and her master Allison as they go through obedience training. Stella needs help because she suffers from a condition called “submissive urination”. In other words she would piddle after being chastised in an attempt to… Continue reading Guest Post ~ Rebellion and Unconditional Love