To get unstuck

One thing our recoveries must include to have any chance of being effective is honesty. I have been trying to rationalize my way out of being honest with someone about a situation that hurt me deeply. Sometimes, when we are hurt, we try to do anything and everything to run away from the pain. Or… Continue reading To get unstuck

Milestones and Grace

It's been an interesting year. That is, we are coming up on the anniversary of my mother-in-law's passing. Thankfully, we have our recovery groups and another group that we attend specifically for grief and loss of a loved one. My mother in law was a very smart, and determined person. She had a quiet, but… Continue reading Milestones and Grace

Ordinary Thursday

The beauty of the yellow and red leaves in our neighborhood is striking. I imagine the trees do not take precious time to compare themselves to the fir tree, or to the shrub to wonder why they must shed their fine coats for the winter. They just do, and wait for spring to build their… Continue reading Ordinary Thursday