Recovery = integrated life

Power and control. This is the third item on the list in the talk given a few weeks ago at the meeting I attended. It can lead us into addictive and dysfunctional behaviors. For me, power and control was my drug of choice. Forget alcohol, or mind-altering substances. I loved, no, I thirsted after power… Continue reading Recovery = integrated life

Web of grace…

Today was an odd weather day...cold, a tiny patch of blue sky, seemed as though the weather had multiple personality disorder, in other words, it was a typical PNW day. So, not sure if any of you recall or even ever saw an old television show called "Hee Haw". But basically it was a… Continue reading Web of grace…

Move Along

Colder. Snow in the mountains. Forty degrees and raining here. It won't be long until I am wearing my wool undershirts to keep warm. Yesterday was tough. Yes, it's becoming a theme. But I am still here, still breathing and still fighting to push past my feelings. When you feel an oppressive agony to your… Continue reading Move Along

Tuesday calm

Ahhhh......a bit of a respite from the day to day. I am enjoying a little bit of space and time and the weather has cleared a bit. Love the fact it isn't raining and we were able to go on a walk. A refrain has been rolling through my head for a couple days..."...the wind… Continue reading Tuesday calm