Apples to Oranges

Sometimes, when we are in the thick of a battle, we look for comrades. People who are going through the same battle to commiserate with us, to keep us company, or to just be a presence. Sometimes, even, to measure our progress against, especially if we think we might be doing a little better than… Continue reading Apples to Oranges

Recovery and the chicken

The last several days have been hectic, and I have felt like I haven’t had the time and space to sit a spell and write out what has been passing through on my recovery journey. I am pretty convicted about it too. But I must also remember this is a grace-filled walk and that grace… Continue reading Recovery and the chicken

Don’t dare to compare

Happy end of the week, everyone!  Getting coffee this morning, it occurred to me that we all experience pivot points, or light bulb moments in our recovery journeys. One such came to mind as I enjoyed the first sip of warm java. Sitting in a meeting one night I was listening to others share and… Continue reading Don’t dare to compare

Flannel conviction…

It started off pretty mucky around here. Dark, cold rainy. Definitely flannel shirt weather. But now the sun has peeped out from behind the clouds, and although the air is still a bit nippy, the colors of autumn are in bright celebration of it's arrival. I attended a meeting last night, and as per usual,… Continue reading Flannel conviction…