Checking in…

As a blogger, you are supposed to blog often. Yup, I get it. But I don’t want to fill up people’s emails and news feeds with meh-oriented mundane stuff about my daily grind, that has little to do with true recovery. Lately, the daily grind (beyond the coffee in my counter-top espresso machine) has been… Continue reading Checking in…

Willing Encouragement

Snow, rain, wet, cold. It's been a bit gunky, for sure.  The weather seems to be having a bit of a trouble deciding what it wants to do. It's ok, I'll just stay inside and watch the endless changes. Got to go to a luncheon the other day and heard a lot of great speakers… Continue reading Willing Encouragement

Joy and a blankie….

Took birthday gifts to some special people in my life, and spent time in a new garden, discussing the plants with the new owner. It was a somewhat cloudy but pleasant day and I came away with some lovely clippings that are now gracing my dining room table. Yesterday evening was not an easy one.… Continue reading Joy and a blankie….

Willing faithfulness

It was so warm today. Unseasonably so. But, again, I am not complaining, because it means our heating bill stays low, and I don't have to wear gloves (yet). Right now, I am in the midst in my first online movie "binge", watching several episodes of a historically-based miniseries where the main character has lost… Continue reading Willing faithfulness