Joy and strength…

Today was supposed to be a no-sugar day. Invited out to friends for supper and, poof, there in front of me were chocolate chunks of cake for dessert. Well, as you might imagine, my resolve went out the window and the cake went into my mouth. There is always tomorrow though. I was sharing with… Continue reading Joy and strength…


Stop, Drop, and Roll

The rain hit yesterday and the winds started in early this morning. But they are somewhat intermittent, so nothing to get in a panic over. getting in some writing while I am out and about in various places, definitely not in my usual comfy spot on the couch with my feet wedged on the ottoman.… Continue reading Stop, Drop, and Roll

Sun-Day Blooms

My garden flowers are starting to show signs of wear from the colder temperatures. Less sunlight and warmth means less vibrant blooms for some, and a downright gloomy winter dormancy disposition for others. Yet a couple seem pretty hardy despite cloudy skies and driving rains. So, considering the conditions or circumstances that I have little… Continue reading Sun-Day Blooms