So much swirling about in my head lately. Read something today that made me stop and think. About someone coming to terms with the fact that they are fearfully and wonderfully made, and without need to chase after anyone’s approval, but that they can feel good in their own skin. Our media and our health … Continue reading Skin

Boots in a bog

Been kind of wondering where my head is at of late.  Ever been there?  Where, you are not in a bad space, but not super-wow…just… eh. So, just been in prayer and meditation over the feeling that I’ve been having, and I believe I have been in a slosh-slosh-slosh period.  That’s when you are plodding … Continue reading Boots in a bog

What next?

There has been a lot of conversation in my house lately about the goings on of late. Things that have to do with violence against others, and behavior that no one expects or can fathom. Where is God? (He is here, and it breaks His heart to see his creation hurt each other) Does He … Continue reading What next?


Good friends, readers, family.  It has been awhile. Been walking through the early steps of the latest layer in my recovery journey and today my heart began to soften though tears and an admission that there were still places that I had locked away from all view, and had even forgotten of their existence. Why, … Continue reading Crumbling


Layers.  We dress in layers to keep warm, and shed them as the temperature changes, revealing different clothing more suited to the current conditions. Thus, it is with our recoveries. Right now, I am starting on another layer, this one relatively thick, and filled with self…self-delusion, selfishness, self-importance, self-reliance…you see where I am going here? … Continue reading Layers