Love and Pressing On

So getting real in our recoveries, and writing for real about recovery, means admitting I woke up this morning curled up with one hand behind my head and my other in a fist on my forehead. I also had one of our new songs earworming or ric-rolling (you choose) through my head, the words go… Continue reading Love and Pressing On


God and Love

Have you every been in a conversation, and suddenly the things you are saying make sense in a way that you didn't anticipate, didn't plan and have no idea where the idea or word picture came from? Yeah, that's God. He shows up. He does that frequently in recovery for me, because otherwise there's no… Continue reading God and Love

Construction Zone – Grief

Doing the hard work lately. Y’know, the dig-deeper stuff that causes a bit of commotion and disruption. The kind of work where you are looking at some of your past experiences in light of your recovered self, and realizing how broken you really are, and feeling the grief right down to your molars. Yup. That’s… Continue reading Construction Zone – Grief

Straight up Step Work ~ Amends

When we complete our 4th-5th step, it is the gateway to our AMENDS/Forgiveness step. I feel like this is somehow harder that the 4th step, as it requires me to lay down any claim I have to obtain some kind of apology, repayment or karmic balancing of the scales and release you from the debt… Continue reading Straight up Step Work ~ Amends