Good friends, readers, family.  It has been awhile. Been walking through the early steps of the latest layer in my recovery journey and today my heart began to soften though tears and an admission that there were still places that I had locked away from all view, and had even forgotten of their existence. Why, … Continue reading Crumbling


Layers.  We dress in layers to keep warm, and shed them as the temperature changes, revealing different clothing more suited to the current conditions. Thus, it is with our recoveries. Right now, I am starting on another layer, this one relatively thick, and filled with self…self-delusion, selfishness, self-importance, self-reliance…you see where I am going here? … Continue reading Layers

Painful truths

Definitely a busy summer. Whew! And, some more thoughts on the family discussion of late. We do a lot of work in recovery that centers around why we do what we do when we are trying to address the deeper issues of healing. And we uncover some painful truths about ourselves and our families. When … Continue reading Painful truths