Revisiting Grace

I am not a psychologist, therapist or grief counselor. I have no professional training in these areas, save a few undergrad courses in psych and my time spent on the couch in various counseling offices as a patient. Add in my recovery time, and I feel as though I have a decent idea of what… Continue reading Revisiting Grace

Fog Lifting

And as it always does, the fog lifts. If we listen to and observe the principles of recovery, it is amazing how fast things begin to fall back into a place of peace and serenity. The dark clouds begin to part and drift away. Rays of sunshine again warm our faces. But this does not… Continue reading Fog Lifting

Construction Zone – Grief

Doing the hard work lately. Y’know, the dig-deeper stuff that causes a bit of commotion and disruption. The kind of work where you are looking at some of your past experiences in light of your recovered self, and realizing how broken you really are, and feeling the grief right down to your molars. Yup. That’s… Continue reading Construction Zone – Grief

A little time…

On vacation this week and getting some time to just be. This is as important as the times I spend actively pursuing recovery in journaling, meeting with folks, reading and listening to teachings on different subjects. Sometimes, just letting the presence of God descend into places that we don’t fully open up without the relaxing… Continue reading A little time…