It’s been awhile. Lots of changes. We changed locations, and got a new sofa.

So yeah, I’ve had a lot going on. But I’ve continued to work with sponsees and besides being sick over the holidays, continued to serve at and attend recovery meetings. I have been feeling a bit disconnected lately though, with all the upheaval in my life, and know that I need to buckle down and plug in to the process in a deeper way.

Thus, I will be starting weekly in-depth study in the steps and principles of recovery as I have in the past. It’s been probably 2 years since I’ve gone through these particular questions with a group, so definitely time to get into the meat of it again.

This time around I am looking to submit my heart and will to Gods care and control with a deeper understanding of the miracles that He works through this process. I continue to struggle with finding myself dwelling primarily in my head-space with God, and not really descending into the heart-space.

This is a big cheat. Why? Because there is little threat to my ongoing passions whether they be right or wrong, and I don’t have to experience any painful changes; the considerations stay in the abstract and intellectual space. It’s like a test space where there is little risk and therefore little opportunity for big change.

This is no longer acceptable. I can no longer treat my spiritual life like the girl in the plastic bubble. Enough already, time to get dirty, and let the Spirit of the Lord shake my cage. So I am getting out the biggest pin I can find to puncture the bubble and move out into the space of change and growth.

Bring it on.

Much love ❤