So it’s been an interesting few … and I’ll leave it there. I’ve been spending time just doing life. Praying, reading, serving, working and living. And not writing. Not really. Every time I get the thought in my head that I need to pick up and jot a few thoughts down, I push the idea away, like a pesky fly or gnat. And I keep on with the business at hand. But I need to get back to the pages.

Lately, been reading some awesome bloggers in the Twitter-sphere that have encouraged me greatly in the area of marriage and family life. When I was a young wife in my 20’s, the culture I was immersed in knew only to press it upon families to pull themselves up by their faith bootstraps – pray more, read the bible more and show up at church more often was the advice doled out to those of us in crisis. It compounded my feelings of failure and isolation, and I felt as though I had no one to turn to with the ever-increasing horror story my marriage was becoming. Other families I knew at the time experienced even worse cataclysmic consequences of this approach. I found out that to suffer quietly at home does not mean you somehow suffer less, only that others are not made to feel uncomfortable with your suffering; shame then keeps you behind your closed doors, alone in your hurt and desperation.

Thankfully, brave, loving souls are now stepping forward in knowledge and grace to say enough is enough and abuse need not be suffered by either party in a marriage, Christian or not. If only I had heard those words from the beginning. But instead, I will look to support those who need encouragement, support and the grace and mercy extended to them. Words that I was denied.

Recovery continues to be a great place to pull the pieces of life back together. I continue to gain insight and tools to walk forward in healthy spaces. Keeping the Lord and creator of my heart at the center of this is vital. That, along with my willingness.  The opportunity for growth will not end until I do, in the presence of my Lord and Savior.

Much Love.