Hey y’all took a day to myself, no particular reason just needing to take a step away from the everyday grind.

Ate a little breakfast and drank some coffee, jumped in the car, and had to remind myself several times not to task. Not to be busy and not to do errands. It would have been extremely easy to fill my day with needed and responsible busywork. Now, to be honest, there were two or three inescapable tasks that did need to be done today, regardless of my little “escape.”

One thing became quite clear. My mind and my body have become so wound up by my schedule and the things that I have held myself to, it would take a month of such days as these to unwind and untie the knots in my rope.

As is, I need to look at ways to slow down. Ways to find peace serenity and calm amidst the storms of life without running away to a deserted island and leaving no forwarding address.

Personal space hygiene has never been high on my priority list,Β  because I felt I needed to be engaged in fruitful endeavors at all times, lest I be considered by myself and others as wasting time and lazy.

What I must remind myself is that it is not wasteful to sit on a bench for awhile and listen to the waves. It is not laziness to put off non-essential tasks to another day because you feel fried. There’s a time for all things under heaven.

Much love.