And as it always does, the fog lifts.

If we listen to and observe the principles of recovery, it is amazing how fast things begin to fall back into a place of peace and serenity. The dark clouds begin to part and drift away. Rays of sunshine again warm our faces.

But this does not happen by just waiting about, or running away. I have to first acknowledge my part in the situation. If I feel discomfort, why? What is it in me that is troubled? Where does it come from and how did it get triggered? Once I answer these questions, I am ready to face the next steps.

It’s hard though, because during these moments I am often in the dank, cold swirl of my own self-doubt. So, I need to rely on what I know, not on what I feel. Our feelings are important, valid and belong on paper in journals or expressed in some way to be acknowledged, but not as something we grab and run with as fact. Why? Because we know they change with the wind, the temperature and our own whim.

Once I am ready, I engage the action I need to take to address the party or situation that caused the discomfort or difficulty. With grace, but in truth. Travelling this road can be a bit tricky, so staying close to trusted friends is a good idea.

Once the difficulty is addressed and I have done what I know to be right to keep my side of the street clear, I submit what is not mine to God. He gladly bears the burden of this for me, for it is not mine to carry. Certainly, I am responsible for my part, and to continue to work with the process of bringing the matter to completion as God sees fit. I am not responsible for how others view my side of the street, or how they process their part. I am to do as God commands.

…and do your best to live at peace with everyone. Romans 12:18

This includes living at peace with myself. I need to take my recovery seriously and not allow even small things to derail me, or cause upset. Each thing must be promptly addressed before the enemy can take hold of it and cause trouble. I sure don’t have time for that!

Have a lovely evening my friends. Much love.