On vacation this week and getting some time to just be. This is as important as the times I spend actively pursuing recovery in journaling, meeting with folks, reading and listening to teachings on different subjects. Sometimes, just letting the presence of God descend into places that we don’t fully open up without the relaxing moment of having to be nowhere and do nothing is exactly what the doctor ordered.

As I sat on the beach, just feeling the warm sand and the sunshine, God spoke to my heart, telling me that through I felt small and insignificant, I had a part to play in this world, and as I was willing, He would show me the path I should take.

Words began to form in my heart, telling me that His love, while free to me, came at great cost, and His grace is not mine without loss. Loss of my pride, my ego, my willfulness to do things my way and to expect Him to sign off on it.  He saturated my heart with the message that in Him was no darkness at all; He inhabits His creation. The warmth I was feeling was Him, touching me and reminding me that I need not focus on my lack, but on the many blessings I have.

You see, when we are quiet and still, and ask for God to speak, He promises to make Himself known. In our busy-ness, He is there, but with too much noise and chatter it is easy to drown out His voice and miss the deeper messages of peace and contentment that will settle our hearts and minds.  This is the importance of being still and finding those quiet times for refreshment.

We should each continue on the good work of recovery, but never forget or neglect the moments we need to stop, ask and most importantly, listen. The creator of the cosmos wishes to have a moment or two with us, if we can spare the time.

Much love.