So much swirling about in my head lately. Read something today that made me stop and think. About someone coming to terms with the fact that they are fearfully and wonderfully made, and without need to chase after anyone’s approval, but that they can feel good in their own skin.

Our media and our health services industry spends a lot of money trying to make certain we are very uncertain about our acceptability. From commercials about diets, plastic surgery and hypnosis to remove those last annoying 10 (or 100) pounds, we get the continued message from all corners that we are not good, not acceptable and must continue to beat ourselves with an external program of change and manipulation.

Then, and only then, will we find true happiness. But really, who are we kidding? Happiness is an inside job, and does not come from external manipulation of our person or environment, because I’ll tell ya, those goal posts will continue to move. But when I approach change of my perceptions and attitudes from the inside, and take hold of the root cause of a lack of acceptance, the struggle to find any joy in life, that is where I can make a start.

Our hearts, minds and souls are made to reach out and up. We need God, a power greater than ourselves, to lift us out of the swirling confusion we find ourselves caught up in. You and I need fellowship. Those that come alongside and love us irrespective of our size, shape or past. Those that love us enough to encourage and spur us along in excellence, but call us out on our tendency to treat ourselves or others poorly.

The transparency and vulnerability to allow this to happen is where the magic takes place. It’s scary, but without it, I can become like a stagnant pond, full of rotted, dead plants that give off a pretty bad smell. This happens because there is no inflow of oxygenated water and everything just dies. It’s not a pleasant picture, but neither is letting oneself rot either.

So, instead of allowing myself to wake another morning to prayers of “God, please help me eat better so I don’t get any fatter…” which starts the day off on a lovely note (heavy sarcasm here), I will instead look for opportunities to submit my choices to God. Understanding that I will get it wrong sometimes, but that continuing to press toward excellence is my goal, not perfection, and that this is about being submitted to Christ, not following somebody’s idea of what I should look like if I eat such and so. I wish to be healthy and joy filled, and if that means I never see single digit pant sizes, so be it. I accept who I am today. I submit who I am today. I love who I am today.

Much Love to you all.