So, this season has been about trying to find my feet in my recovery. It is been one of starts, stalls and just plain exhaustion from being sick for several weeks with a stubborn respiratory infection.

But every week that I am physically able, I make it out to 1 to 2 meetings a week. I need to hear recovery, share my struggles and victories, no matter how small, and chat afterwards, encouraging others, and in doing so receive encouragement myself.

Lately, I have been reminded that Just for Today has many applications. Most recently,  I have applied it to the principle of grace. God’s grace is good for my struggles and stumbles, “just for today”.

There is a story in the bible of the Israelites being fed by manna from heaven. They were to gather it every day for their nutritional needs. If they kept it overnight and tried to use it the next day, it was nasty. I urge you to read it for yourself (Exodus 16 : 17-20).

Now, that is not to say grace spoils, but really, God’s purpose in giving us strength and grace for today is to keep our focus where it should be. In the moment, dealing with the present, walking with Him in peace and serenity. If our focus is on tomorrow and what may (or may not) happen, we become anxious and fearful. If we focus on the past, we can become resentful, remorseful and generally morose. We are of little service to ourselves, our fellow sojourners and the world at large.

Every day we open our eyes, we are afforded a new opportunity, a new choice. We gather our manna, take nourishment and share with those in need. The grace and strength is there for us to take hold of, and with God’s daily presence, the help of our group members and the steps and principles of recovery, we are never walking this path alone.

Much love and grace to you all as we prepare for a New Year.