This morning I would typically clean up, dress and head out early to a meeting. But this morning, my thoughts were preoccupied with family and things that I could do nothing about. So, I busied myself with singing prayers to God, dusting and organizing. Nervous energy activities that help me to disperse the helpless feeling that I must pass through.

As I allowed God to speak to me in the midst of this activity, He reminded me of a story in the Bible where one of the disciples decided to step out into the choppy waters and walk to Jesus on the water. The fellow did just fine, until he looked at the water and the storm, and began to let his fears quite literally, sink him. Once he touched the hand of his Savior, however, things were steady and secure once again.

This reminds me that I must choose not to focus on the fear, problem or storm, but on my Savior. He holds my heart and my days securely in His hand, and I willingly trust that He will continue to hold my hand through my feelings, happy, sad, anxious, whatever. But the choice to be willing is mine alone.

Just for today, I choose to be willing. To put my faith first, to take firm hold of my Savior’s hand, and to move forward through the feelings.

Much love to all. Prayers if you find yourself in harm’s way. God IS with us ALL.