It’s been awhile since I have remarked upon the weather in my entries, but right now, it is especially pertinent. The smoke from the fires near and far has settled into the air near our home, and along with a humid heat, has made it difficult to breathe and stay comfortable. This momentary discomfort is nothing compared to our neighbors in other communities that have had to evacuate ahead of the fires, leaving their homes and property to unknown ends.

Even still more troubling, is the humongous hurricane ripping through the southern waters off the tip of Florida marching closer and closer to my family on the Atlantic side of the state. The storm that forecasters are calling a record breaker has me concerned and putting out the “all-prayers-please” bulletin on social media.

However, I know that God is in the midst of each of these situations. He asks me to use my recovery tools and go on with my life, performing service and keeping my program intact. If I become preoccupied with what could happen, and indulge in worry, anxious thoughts and fear, then I am allowing the enemy a strong foothold back into my life. I become of little use and may need rescuing myself.

So, as much as part of me wants to watch weather reports 24/7, and find ways to travel down half the country to scoop up my loved ones out of the path of the storm, I need to place them in my Creator’s care. I need to be available as much as I can be in a healthy way that respects my recovery. And I must be willing to submit my fears to God and allow Him to deal with what I cannot.

Continuing to fight fatigue and general feelings of meh, but this too shall pass. Much love. Stay safe.