As a blogger, you are supposed to blog often. Yup, I get it. But I don’t want to fill up people’s emails and news feeds with meh-oriented mundane stuff about my daily grind, that has little to do with true recovery. Lately, the daily grind (beyond the coffee in my counter-top espresso machine) has been grinding it out of me, and my inspirational moments have been few.

I have been listening to podcasts recently, and getting inspiration from reading and attending new meetings. I am always a work in progress, as I would hope we all are, so if I were to hang a sign on my front, it would say “construction zone” and there would be orange cones around me.

We all go through seasons of basking in the glow of our recent epiphanies, and times where we are stepping forward in foggy areas, simply because recovery and faith in the process drives us forward. I’m definitely in the latter category right now. I have faith and hope that my growth will continue, but only as I continue to move forward, even when the way forward is not entirely clear. God has brought messengers of encouragement, in the form of people I meet who point the way to the next stop, and it’s up to me to be willing to follow the path.

I am grateful for this time period, because I know it will yield more growth, and that like all things, nothing stays the same for long.

I promise to keep checking in with you all on this process, but be encouraged that I am doing okay, just being stretched and pulled, and it’s never a whole lotta fun. Much love to all of y’all.