Funny.  No, not ha-ha funny, just funny. This isn’t an entry I wanted to write.  Maybe you know the feeling though.  You have your head down, you are stretching, reaching, working hard, yet feeling miserable, but convinced you can hold on. Then you talk to someone who is bubbling over with excitement about how the blessing in their life is overflowing in an area of life you’ve been suffering in for a mighty long time. You act happy, but on the inside, you think “what gives” or something even more colorful.

This happens to me frequently in conversations with one of my friends who seems to land one dream job after another. I have no idea how she does it. People love her, her work and beg her to work for them and will pay her buckets of cash to do so. Meanwhile, I will go months unemployed, and when I do take a job it feels like my soul is being torn from my body in exchange for tuppence.

Really, I am happy for her, but I want to be happy for me, too. And I am a hard worker, who gets good props from the boss here and there for my work product. But I am not courted, fawned over and wooed as though I am the next queen of Sheba. My work is tough, and mostly thankless. But I do it to support my family, and to work toward someday publishing my blog into a book.

Therefore, I will plunge my bewildered heart into God’s big bucket of gratitude, that I have a home, food on the table and relative good health, as well as employment the supplies income to pay for the necessaries of life. Gratefulness turns little into more, ungratefulness turns little into nothing. I must remember that God has incredibly blessed me, and that even on the hardest “Forget My Life” days, I can be grateful about something.

Glad I shared, and grateful for you all out there. Hugs and love. 💖