The wide world 🌍

The purpose of my blog, my writing, my mission, in fact, is to bring recovery to people who may feel it is not relevant to their lives, but are searching for a missing piece nonetheless. I have been writing it now for almost a year, and am passionate about what the steps and principles can do in bringing health, healing and spiritual wholeness to one’s life.

In the process of growing and becoming what it is that God is making me into for this to happen, I am also getting exposed to other worlds of thought. I had almost forgotten that there is a “normal” world out there, where addiction hasn’t settled in and where folks operate under somewhat different ideas than I do, because (thankfully) they have been spared what it is that brings us into recovery, on our knees, with barely a shred of hope left.

People that operate in the normal world will not necessarily understand the crazy that addiction and recovery brings. Recovery is a good kind of crazy, but it does have distinct differences from a life that has known no turmoil that would necessitate embracing the steps or principles.  Don’t get me wrong, I believe a lot of “normal” or non-addict folks would greatly benefit from the steps and principles of recovery. Some actually do practice recovery principles in a way, they just sound a bit different.

In moving through different circles of people, I need to examine my heart and my motives. Am I listening to find differences so I can argue or push back with my opinions? Or am I to listen and learn, asking God to show me what to absorb, and what to let pass through, without judgement. Just because someone else has a good, working functional relationship that may appear to have contradictory elements in it, does not make it any less valid or worthy of my respect, than someone I am totally in sync with. In fact, it widens my perspective, and is an opportunity to examine my presumptions.

Smiling, I continue to remain grateful for my many blessings, especially lessons that keep things fresh and new.

Thanks for joining me tonight. Much love.


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