I love getting to hear new speakers at a meeting. Someone with a fresh take on the topic of recovery. No matter what their background is, I look for what I can learn from their perspective and insight.

Last night, we heard a speaker who, while not in full-time recovery ministry, was still very well acquainted with the challenges of the addiction lifestyle and the problems that it causes for us, physically, mentally and spiritually. He challenged us to think in terms of addiction offering an escape to comfort, significance and power and control in our lives.

Bringing it into those terms helped me pull the onion apart a bit more, that truly, life is uncomfortable. I haven’t gone camping in a tent for years, because I find it to be uncomfortable. I don’t sleep. I get cranky and can’t wait to get home. So, I avoid it. Growth in our recovery can be a lot like camping is for me. It’s not particularly comfortable or pleasant. I would rather stay home and watch something on the television, or pull up a good read, but instead, I head out to a meeting in cold, yucky weather. Why? Because there is something there I need to hear, or something that I need to share that someone else may need to hear. And I deprive myself and others of this experience by “holing up” and hanging out. I don’t usually experience a whole lot of recovery watching the latest rom-com.

When I crawl into bed later that evening, after having pushed myself to go to a meeting, I find that I am glad I went. The show will always be on-demand, but the people and the lessons, maybe not. I certainly am not in the same place as I was yesterday and I will be different tomorrow. God knows what I need. He urges me on, and I choose to listen, or not.

When I choose recovery and health over comfort, my growth and satisfaction with life is so much greater. My fears are smaller and my gratitude is larger. The blessings pour out from every corner. It is so worth it.

In our next entry, we will talk about significance and the role it plays in trying to derail our journey. But for now, let pack up the tent and the camp stove, and head out.

Much Love, and gratefulness.