So, back to the steps. We have dug into steps 1,2 and 3. I have spoken often of step 4, the inventory step or “stuff’s just got real” step. Step 5 is the completion of step 4, which is the reading of the step 4. So, that brings us to Steps 6 and 7.

These steps are kinda hopped over in the race to get the amends (step 8) done. But really, steps 6 and 7 have a purpose.

Step 6 : Were entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of character.

Step 7 : Humbly asked Him to remove our shortcomings.

These are really where we bring our 4/5th step to a close, and make our amends to God, and complete the repentance process.  Because there can be no real change without repentance. Let that sink in for a moment. You read that right. The change won’t stick, and soon you will be back at it if you do not truly ask God for His help in turning from your character defects and shortcomings. So here, we get ready, and we ask. We ask with expectation that it will happen, because we have prepared the soil, planted the seeds, kept the fields free of weeds and now we need God’s supernatural intervention to keep all in good order.

I have heard it said that after turning it over, and repenting of my defects and shortcomings, I need to keep my life full of service to keep me on the right path. It made sense. Busy for the right reasons, in the right way would keep my hands, feet and mind occupied and away from old paths. God used service in my life to keep me headed the right direction.  I know it kept pride in check, and many of my character defects could be traced to pride, otherwise known as original sin.

At meetings or fellowships, are we looking for ways to serve? Who stacks chairs? Who makes sure the coffee or refreshments are out? Who welcomes new folks? Well, look at that! I think it could be you, as God uses service to others in our lives to change our priorities of thinking about others to heal ourselves. And yes, I’ve watched it work. It’s worked in my own life. Even with healthy boundaries. Give it a try. Volunteer for something, anything. You can always switch it up to find something that speaks to your soul, but then be faithful at it. Nothing cheers a leader like faithful volunteers.

A servant’s heart is a sweet aroma to all, reaching to heaven, blessing God with its loveliness.

Much love.