This has been a busy week. Not only did I have to run out of town unexpectedly for a couple days, but my work piled up while I was out, and I have been scrambling to get back on top of it since returning to my desk. On top of that, I haven’t written in 4 days and I know that I need to make time for the process. I also am very concerned about one of my family that was hurt recently and will be enduring a long recuperation process.

To be honest, I feel a bit frazzled.

However, this morning, I woke up with some time. I could choose to try and nap another 45 minutes, or spend it letting go of the things that have been causing me to feel spun around. Sleep is important, but 45 minutes give or take will not be a deal breaker for me there. I need my recovery worse than a short nap.

My next entry, good Lord willing and the river don’t rise, will be on step 3. It is the willingness step. The attitude step, as I like to call it. It is an ongoing choice we make as we travel through our steps in the process of recovery and sanctification.

Today, I had to choose to be willing to get up, to forgo my comfy bed a while longer, get out my laptop and start writing. Willing to admit that I am holding on to things I have no control over, and that I need my recovery to click into place to pull me along. To be accountable to my fellow sojourners (you, my lovely readers, extended family), walking out in full view and transparency that which I write about and believe in my heart.

If I can’t show others what this looks like, if I don’t live it, then it is worthless nonsense, like so much other junk out there. I am passionate about God’s ability to use me when I reach for Him, using the tools He provided. Fellowship groups, meetings, God’s Word, recovery literature, can all assist us in our walk toward wholeness.  The key is willingness.  But more about that next time.

What are we each willing to do today to move forward on the journey? Write it down, or meditate on it during your quiet time. Ask God for His strength to keep you on the path.

Feeling better and ready for the day ahead. Much love to all.