My next entry was going to jump right into step 3, but here I will pause. Sometimes in life, as in our recoveries, things don’t go quite as planned. I have been called out-of-town on a family emergency (all is turning out okay, thanks!) and so my scheduled posts have been knocked a bit sideways.

But things happen. And we need to know that it’s okay, and that we have the tools to deal with it, without becoming anxious or completely unhinged. Life happens. People around us have things occur that are unexpected and sometimes we must flex with the moment. It doesn’t mean we have compromised our program or our principles. But, even in the middle of ambiguity and urgency, we can each still take care of ourselves appropriately.

Presently, I am taking family to see other injured family. In this instance, I need to be helping, not controlling. I need to listen and respond, not direct and be in charge. Within the boundaries of respect and honor, I am walking out my program even in the midst of an unexpected situation. And, when the moment is right, I return to my life, my scheduled list of events and continue forward.

In this way, I am “proofing” my recovery. Can my tools withstand a real test? Or is it just a lot of great-sounding talk? Over and over again, the tools have shown themselves to be my life-line to sanity and wholeness, whatever situation I find myself in.

Whatever life is throwing your way right now, be assured that God is walking with you, and all the tools you need are available to you in the steps.

Much love and gratefulness tonight.