I really have a hard time being grateful for dirty floors. I had a grandmother who told me that I should never have to apologize for the condition of my home, should someone drop by unexpectedly. It has put the fear of sumpthin’ in me for certain.

Today I found myself examining my floors very closely. Like nose to floor. No, I didn’t have another spectacular trip and fall. Something more mysterious happened. I was downstairs making lunch, and I was impressed by the spirit of God that I needed to get on my face. Hmm, okay. No, I am making my lunch and need to get back upstairs to work . And again, the spirit impressed upon me again...didn’t you hear me? I said get on your face now. 

So, I threw up my hands and crawled down to the floor and placed myself face-down. I placed every care I could think of at that moment at His feet in prayer. And, of course, noticed crumbs on the floor. But mostly I submitted every anxious thought to God.

It all lasted about 30 seconds, and I got up, and finished what I was doing and went on with my day. Later, I would find out that my spouse had an important conversation at work about some issues that needed prayer support. God knew what was necessary, and because I was willing and listening, I got to participate in supporting my family in prayer. No small thing.

Sometimes I want to reason God’s voice away, or argue with Him about His purposes for me. Then, His voice gets softer. And mine seems to get louder. And whinier.

In one of my step dad’s recovery books, it says that often the reason we aren’t hearing God is because we didn’t do the last thing He told us to do. Mind you, when God speaks, you listen by journaling it, sharing it with someone you trust and weighing against the word and character of God.  What you hear will never contradict the bible or God’s character, and when you share it with your support network, it keeps you accountable with respect to an action plan. But the message will be something that challenges you and your faith. Prayer is a two-way conversation, or it is supposed to be. And as you listen and move on the purposes He has for you, His voice becomes more clear.

Much love as we listen together for the sweet sound of healing and wholeness God’s direction brings us.