So, this blog has been about a lot of things. Certainly the main theme has been recovery and the principles of good mental, emotional, spiritual and even physical health. I like to believe that another main theme is truth. Good, not so great and even ugly, still, I strive for transparency and truthfulness in my entries. Number one, it just is easier to keep it simple and state what is, rather than come up with an elaborate ruse. Number two, it is part of my recovery program. It keeps me healthy.

As part of my “truth-telling”, I have a confession, a writer’s confession of sorts. Well, actually, it’s a character defect. First, some background; I grew up in a dysfunctional environment, where typically one did not blurt exactly what they were thinking out loud. You thought about it, munged it about and played several scenarios around in your head and then used a lot of beating around the bush before getting to the point, with the idea being that you were testing the waters. I got so good at beating around the bush, I could scarcely remember what it was I was getting at before the person lost interest.

Well, I am still guilty of this habit. In my writing, it has been pointed out to me by a gracious reader that I like to start each blog entry with a bit of “rambly-where-are-you -going-with-this” and weather and such. And they’re totally right. It is a bad habit.

In social situations, in writing. I just need to gain the confidence to get to the point. And I am gaining confidence bit by bit. I appreciate good friends who read and provide constructive feedback on my writing style, and I am very grateful for the tools of recovery that allow me to absorb and use the feedback, with the understanding it is given for the benefit of the work, not as a criticism of me personally. Years ago, before recovery, this would have not been the case. I would have been cowering in my personal cave, thinking that I was no good and that I should just chuck the whole idea. Glad those days are behind me.

As such, I will endeavor to “get to the point”, but may still ramble a bit about my observations of my environment, because that’s how I invite you in and share my little part of the world with you, wherever you are. I know some of you are in other countries around the world, and I am humbled and honored that you take the time to stop by and read this little blog of mine.

Whatever small changes I make to this blog, some things will remain: an honest commitment to recovery and the life-changing power of having God as the center of it. Also, my promise that I will share my amazing, mountaintop experiences and my spectacular failures, and the odd stuff in between, because that’s real. To sugar-coat and pretend that all is just super isn’t gonna cut it. Besides, I respect each of you as my fellow sojourners, and I just don’t have it in me to put on that kind of show.

Accountability is a good thing. Hope you have a good circle of accountability peeps you can share with when necessary. Keeps things in good order.

Have a lovely week!