It’s still pretty chilly out, and I continue to rotate through my outerwear so as to not become completely bored wearing the same coat over and over. But sometimes I just grab whatever is closest and run out the door, because likely I am running late.

I have been trying to go through and review my prior entries, so I don’t begin repeating myself, and in the process have begun to “cull the herd.” That is, perform some much-needed edits to this blog, which appears to have started out as my own little fitness journal and become something so much more. Some of my entries are carefully written and took much pain and effort. Others are dashed off, like grabbing a coat and flying out the door.

But I have come under divine conviction that this little blog be kneaded and worked over a bit, and prepared for possible publication in the future. This is really exciting, because I have always wanted to write a book, but had no idea what it would take or how I would arrive at enough material for something to be published.

Yet here we are. And I am feeling it more and more that the time is short and I mustn’t lose or waste a moment in getting this done. When I really consider it, I about bust into tears, it is that much of a passion for me. Nothing else has that effect on me. So, I am willing, yielded and I will continue to write.

Lord God, let this be something that reaches out and ministers and speaks to people, in ways that I cannot even imagine. May Your love and care be so apparent that it draws the tender, wounded and seeking heart to You.

Let us continue the journey, good friends. I love growing with you.