Cool and cloudy, couldn’t sleep in, and it’s a weekend morning with time to spare. Still chilly enough, so I pulled on my thin wool long-sleeved shirt and headed downstairs to my laptop.

When I use the word “recovery”, I know that some folks are quick to see a word picture of someone kicking a drug or alcohol habit, or maybe breaking free from something that has seriously caused a disruption to our life. I want to challenge everyone around me, and around you, that everyone suffers from some level of dysfunction that could benefit from basic recovery principles, it’s just that some of us have a need to engage it more intensely. And the more diligent the engagement, the more gorgeously complete the healing.

Sometimes recovery gets real personal. Like, in your face personal. For some of us, myself included, there are elements of our pre-recovery disasters and ongoing wreckage that no one we know around us can really, totally relate to. Sometimes this will feel isolating and I know for myself I can use it as a reason to become sad and angry about things that I have done a lot of work on getting through. But what God is teaching me today is, while I can go and talk to my friends about how I feel, He wants me to bring my pain and heartache to Him. He knows the true depth of helplessness that I feel over some of these things, and can bring peace and grace into my world. Because it’s what I need to pull my face out of the mud puddle of gloom, despair and sadness, into hope and love.

No one will ever 100% relate to each one of our stories. We will share commonalities, but only God can truly reach into the depth of our heart and our broken life and bring about the healing that needs to happen. He has what we need. He will direct our steps, we but need to listen and take action when prompted. But sometimes, we just need to sit in His enormous lap and cry our eyes out, And that’s okay too.