The weather lately has been very changeable. Sunny, rainy, snowy, and back to rainy. So never a dull moment really.

Thinking back today about where my love of music came from. I honestly can’t remember a time when music didn’t occupy a significant amount of space in my life. Every car trip, whether it was to California or to the grocery story was accompanied by music radio. In the time period that I grew up in, very few people had cassette decks or players in their cars, most just listened to the radio and whatever stations were local to the area. I remember my mom singing along with the tunes that floated out from the cheap little car speakers. She had a lovely voice, inherited from my grandma who had sung on the radio in the forties. But no one ever heard my mom sing outside the car. In fact, I’m not certain she ever sang in front of anyone but me in the car, due to severe social anxiety and self-doubt.

Of course I loved to sing in the car along with my mom, or later, with no one at all, and sang anywhere I could. I didn’t really have as much talent as I thought I did, but I could carry a tune, and I learned a few tricks in voice lessons that carried me along. Mostly, I just loved being A PART of the music, getting lost in the words and the music. It was like a mini-escape, a vacation from the present day troubles of life.

As I got more involved in christian music and church worship, this began to change a bit, and I truly poured my heart out to God in song. But even in christian circles, there are bumps in the road. Some feel there must be such a high standard that only true semi-professionals should sing in front of others or lead. Others throw preparation, practice and calling to the wind and just stand up and make a joyful noise.  Somewhere in the middle, there lies a lovely balance.

We are each given gifts. The elbow should not say to the nose “I wish to be a nose” because it seems to be more important, because the elbow has it’s job, and a very important one at that. Can you imagine if the fellowship of believers were made up of all the same talents? We’d be totally useless in this world. We need each individual talent and skill to do the work we are called to do. I write. I do sing a little. I have no illusions about the fact that I do not possess some gifts that I admire in others and wish were part of my life.

That doesn’t mean I don’t seek after learning about other gifts, and developing new ones. But in doing so, I keep a close check with those I trust on how I am using what God entrusted to me. Am I making the most of my time and talents? Do I take the time to check my ego and let others give me honest feedback about my service so I can improve and develop? If I resist this, then I have recovery work to do in this area.

Lots to chew on. Hope you have a lovely day, and that whatever gifts you have been given that they are continuing to be a blessing to you and others. Big hugs!