The snow is hard and crunchy. No new snow in the forecast, and they say what we do have will be gone soon. Which is okay by me, I am really looking forward to spring.

At times my head is so full of things to write about, and at others, it’s like a marble rolling around in an empty box. This is one of those times. It’s later in the evening on a mid-week and I’m just flat tired.

I did read something today about triggers showing us places that we needed to grow…in fact two different sources pointed to a similar conclusion, that triggers were a catalyst for growth. Or at least we could choose to look at them that way, instead of the stick our thumbs in our mouths and rocking back and forth bit. Like I do, when a particular trigger hits me hard.

Some triggers naturally lose their “punch” over time and work spent in recovery. Others, well, it feels like the gut punch of the millennium and that the pain can still feel as fresh and anxiety producing as it did when it first became known.

But I am intrigued by the notion of using the trigger as a pop-up notification of “opportunity for growth” here. It gives me something constructive to latch onto, somewhere to go with the energy I would put into negatively reacting to the trigger and all the emotion-packed drama that goes with it.

I will be chewing on this for a bit. I love that this is a work in process, that we are walking this together. Hope your week is lovely.

Big hugs.