I’m thankful that we’re still mostly dodging the rain, and even seeing a burst of sunshine from time to time. I enjoy the beauty wherever I can. It is lovely when the sun hits the greenery just right.

The last several months have been challenging to say the least, with respect to family. I am walking out my recovery the best I can, but I feel at my best when I am hanging with my recovery peeps and just able to be myself, with all my crap and problems hanging out. Because when I have to be around non-recovery people, I feel like I have to pull it all in so tightly, it feels like I am trying to hold my breath through the tunnel under the English Channel.

However, I know there is growth to be had, and that God can use these interactions too, I just have to be willing to deal with my own uncomfortability.  We will often walk into situations where our recovery will be tested and we have choices to make. I choose to see these as opportunities, but I also don’t want to camp out in the rough, that is, I keep moving through the test area and get on higher ground so I can get some perspective on the situation.

Today, I choose to be grateful that I am given the opportunity to see areas that I can continue to work on, that need attention.  I am also working on pulling up stakes, packing up my tent and moving out of the rough. I’m thankful for my recovery, in that I am able to see the growth and know my work is producing fruit.

Wishing you perspective and refreshment on the journey. 

Much love.