Today was an odd weather day…cold, a tiny patch of blue sky, rainy…it seemed as though the weather had multiple personality disorder, in other words, it was a typical PNW day.

So, not sure if any of you recall or even ever saw an old television show called “Hee Haw”. But basically it was a country variety show, with musical guests and lots of corn pone humor. One of the comedy skits featured some of the regulars sitting on a porch, singing mournfully “Gloom, despair, and agony on me, deep down depression excessive misery, if it weren’t for bad luck I’d have no luck at all…” with the characters emitting groans and moans for effect. Well, that’s kind of been the tone of this blog for a while now. And it’s even got me singin’ the blues.

But, earlier today, God gave me confirmation that He has not taken an extended vacation to the Crab Nebula and answered some prayers lifted up on my behalf. I had a meeting to go to with regard to a possible job opportunity, and frankly I was dreading it. The commute was long and ugly, the pay a lot less that my usual and I felt like it would be an unsatisfactory “settling” once again just to get my bum out of the house.

Well, I took the meeting, and found the person I spoke to delightful. She understood my concerns and we had some background in common. She will be representing me for the position, and I feel like the time was well worth it in expressing my concerns over the issues with pay, commute and so on. I know in my heart this is a direct answer to a social media post I made. It did not specifically ask for prayers, but God laid it on the right hearts.

Many times we hear from folks or read in the bible to pray, lift it up, or pray to release something. And it can sometimes feel like “yeah, okay, I know that’s what I gotta do…” but are we really believing that it is something that has power? That it can change a totally negative attitude to a bright, positive outlook? I know I sometimes feel a little cynical about prayer. And I need to confess my attitude as sin, because if it was good enough for Jesus in the garden, then it dang well better be good enough for me.

Thank you Lord for showing that You are so very much bigger than my problems, and that you care enough to step in and show me care and compassion. I am grateful to be caught in the web of grace.

Much love and hugs.