It was cold today. Really cold, and I had to be out in it, so I bundled up and headed out. I was glad to be at the family outing, but the cold made me a bit miserable. I need to figure out some strategies to stay more comfortable when I am out in chilly weather and cannot get inside. I have some ideas, and I am going to give them a try, as I don’t want to just pass on every invite because I feel pain when I am cold.

I know that my recovery and my eating habits are much the same. If I don’t have a plan, and just “fly by the seat of my pants”, I’m likely to experience pain and discomfort. Preparation and having my head in the game is key. Knowing what I should expect, and committing it to prayer and being in meditation about my fears is like preparing to go on a trip and packing my suitcase. Or getting ready to bake and pulling out the ingredients to make sure I have enough vanilla, sugar, flour and eggs. When I prepare, and am organized, things go more smoothly.  When I don’t, things resemble a reality show that is painful to watch, kind of like a train wreck that you can’t turn away from.

However, it does nothing for my serenity and my recovery to be flighty and nonchalant about situations that could trip me up. I enjoy the peace I’ve worked so hard for. I cherish the serenity that can so easily slip away if I allow the frenetic pace of life pull my attention away from first things first.

In many of the miracles the Bible refers to, Jesus would often times give some task, such as casting your net out to pull in a record load of fish, or going and washing your eyes to receive your sight. God says He will walk with me through my steps and principles, not that He will work them for me. He expects me to walk the walk. So that means taking Him at His word, putting my faith into action and believing that I will be changed as I trust and keep walking forward.

I know, some days this is easier than others. 

But I have seen miracles and I have been in the middle of the wonder of what God can do through my recovery and it is amazing. That is why I will never quit, even though I will sometimes feel like I am laying in the mud face-down. I am not quitting, just moving slower that normal. But quit? Never. I can’t. He has never given up on me, and I won’t give up on Him.

Have a blessed Sunday. Much love.💖