Today is a much better day. I feel like I am a little more “above water” and there is light and air to breathe. Not that I breathe light. Ummm…hmmm….(insert awkward laugh here).

Moving on. I am getting (slowly, mind you) in the mood to start the holiday baking cycle. For me, this ushers in the holiday season. I turn on the Christmas music, crank up the mixer and break out the butter, sugar and vanilla and begin constructing my cookie doughs that will then be frozen for baking later in the season.

I have three signature cookies that I make every year, and have made gluten free and regular versions of each. Gluten free is a little tricky with spritz, as any person who has loaded a tube with dough to shoot out the end can tell you, it can be an exercise in frustration and triumph, often in the same 10-second period.

The process of baking, mixing, decorating and creating, is very therapeutic for me. I engage another part of my mind and heart. It clears away the cares and troubles that sometimes cloud over the sunniest of days, and instead the day becomes an adventure in creation and a labor of love.

There are times that I enjoy the company of others in the process, but many times I prefer to be alone, with my inner dialogue prattling along, some of it not so “inner”…so I guess that means I talk to myself a lot of the time. But that’s not really a bad thing. ย Spending “me time” doesn’t always happen at the spa, or the mall. Sometimes, it happens in front of a mixer, covered in flour and wondering what will happen if I add some coconut flavoring to something.

Whatever it is that you like to lose yourself in, to reconnect with the inner self, to be okay with being alone, make sure you are making time to do it (the buzz words here are being intentional). I know when I don’t, I feel it. I get a bit edgy and generally unpleasant to deal with. Remember, it’s not selfish to love and date yourself. God says “Love your neighbor as yourself…” The assumption is clear…no love for self, no love left for anyone else.

Have a great weekend everyone. Hugs and love all around.