It was so sunny and warm yesterday, and cloudy and cooler today. I am feeling a bit like I need a push of some sort to get me going, so I trundled off to the gym before breakfast to pedal away and read up on the news.

Some days I really don’t like being an adult. To have to face adult-level problems, the cares and struggles of the world. To know and to have watched the seasons in their turn and to have lived through enough of life to know that regardless of what happens far away, I have very little say in the matter. The feeling of helplessness can be frightening, or it can be frustrating to the point of anger, or complete apathy.

The principles of recovery tell me to do the next right thing. So it is my duty to pass this on to the person in front of me, the person God places in my life, and to not let myself become overwhelmed with despair about that which I have no influence or control over. I am clearly directed to cast my cares upon Him, and to go forth with the peace I am given, peace not of my own, and share it with others. The interesting thing about this is, when we take the focus off of that which we can do nothing about, and join in with what God says IS our business to do something about, something wonderful happens. Our healing accelerates. Someone else begins the journey toward wholeness. They step forward and share with someone else. Pretty soon, things are moving and shaking far and wide for peace and healing, all because I took my eyes off myself for one minute, and extended my hand to someone else. That’s love. That’s what real change and greatness is all about.

I am grateful for my journey and for the people who took their eyes off their own problems for a moment, to reach out a hand to this hot mess. And here we are.

Have a lovely day.