When I was a child, I would run my finger across the screen door when it was wet and observe how the water transferred from one square to the next. I loved to “draw” on the screen, using only the water and the screen to cast my temporary artwork for momentary enjoyment, only to have it erased by a little tap of the screen door. There was no utility or function to my activity, just pure fancy.

I did enjoy working with my hands as a kid, trying my best to contact and be a part of the natural world and it always had a soothing effect on me. I’m not sure why, because I am not an artist, I really can’t draw or create anything of visual interest. I guess there are times when it’s not about being efficient. It’s about something else.

Sometimes I can get caught up in needing to be efficient, utilitarian. Scheduling out my time down to the minute, day after day, with little change. Nothing to look forward to. This causes my day to become gray and colorless. Safe and predictable, yes. Good for me, questionable.

Mind you, a rut can look different to each one of us. But the base definition for our purposes is continuing to do something for the sake of routine, and experiencing little growth or movement. Often, this is in an effort to avoid facing necessary action items or denial. Sometimes it’s just plain and simple laziness and comfortability. It’s just easier to keep doing what we’ve been doing. But very little will happen as we float along like a leaf in a quiet stream.

I will only grow as I trust, and in faith step out. It’s not about being efficient. It’s about letting God run His finger over the screen of my life, making beautiful pictures. And being okay with the fact they will only last until the next tap of the door, allowing another opportunity to begin again.

Stay dry and warm! And make something beautiful today.