Today is so beautiful, sunny, lovely and warm I am taken aback. I am missing a good friend; at least we were good friends.

I read an excellent article a while back that talked about relationships and how they are similar to plants, of all things. Some relationships are perennials and some relationships are annuals. Some of our relationships bloom for a while in brilliant beautiful colors only to be killed by the frost and become mulch for other living things. And some relationships go dormant but yet come back again and again and again. These are ever-present relationships that cycle through ups and downs and all-arounds but they are with us for life. Sometimes we’ll mourn the fact that those relationships that are annuals don’t morph into perennial relationships. We’ll wonder. Is it us? Is it the other person? Is it circumstances? It could be a combination of all three. But what’s most important is to focus on what we had, what we loved, and what we learned in those “annual” relationships when they burned and blazed so brightly with their colors in the loveliness and the joy that comes from them and not get too wrapped up in the remorse of the mulch they became.
Because that mulch is actually necessary. It provides the much-needed nutrients for the next step in our journey. So that we have what we need to grow to learn and to move on, making our present relationships even richer and more rewarding.

I am grateful for the past, for today and look forward to what’s ahead.

Have a lovely lovely day my friends. ♡