My garden flowers are starting to show signs of wear from the colder temperatures. Less sunlight and warmth means less vibrant blooms for some, and a downright gloomy winter dormancy disposition for others. Yet a couple seem pretty hardy despite cloudy skies and driving rains.

So, considering the conditions or circumstances that I have little to no control over, just like the flowers and plants in the garden, I can respond to the weather with wilted leaves, few blooms or vibrant colors, refusing to become mulch until the frost shuts me down for the season. I determined in my prayer and meditation time yesterday that I need to bloom hardy, and push past the driving rain. Because someone may need to see the color, and I need to know that I am doing all I can, to be all I can, with all I have. There is no other way to live. Something I read recently said “no one is getting out of here alive”. So, be that as it is, why exist half-in, half-out?

As the old hymn says “strength for today, with bright hope for tomorrow”. I have been walking in a valley. Still kind of am, but I am putting my hope in strength for today. Because I refuse to live in a spirit of fear, being beat down, wilted, with yellow leaves. I have been that person. I have also been the flower with a few modest blooms, trepidatiously stretching a small stalk forward, but cautious. God is calling for a larger step than that. He has provided great fertilizer, and I am a new creation with so much more to offer. It is my choice how I respond.

The natural world is a subtle but effective teacher. Class is always in session, and if I’m not too busy passing notes to my neighbor or daydreaming about becoming famous like I did in grade school, then I have much to learn. This is consistent with God’s Word, that tells us that all creation screams out His presence ~ we are without excuse. No hall pass.

As stated previously, I am just an imperfect human, on the road, as we all are. But what are your challenges? What are your goals? What are you being called to do that nourishes your heart and soul, and could encourage another heart along the way? Let’s think about this as we journey though this month.

So glad you are here, and have a great week!

Much Love.

ps: A little fall face-lift to my visual format. Hope y’all like it!