It was even colder today than it has been, and tonight the cold rain began in earnest. We’re supposed to be getting a spell of wind, though it’s a puff of air compared to the storms off the coast of Florida tonight. Much prayer and concern for those in the path of the hurricane.

It was a great day to get together and make music with my friends. I got to be of assistance on some syncopation on a new tune and it is ready to go live tomorrow night. I love being part of the creative process, and being around people who positively support me and my process.

Planning to be a bit more intentional tomorrow morning, with a visit to the gym, along with some reading in my recovery books. I need to stay grounded in the how and why of my program so that it keeps me on the right path. Christ walks with me, of course. But in order to really see progress and feel His presence, I have to be yielded and still, but with intention, if that makes sense.

Well, it’s late and I am headed to bed. Sweet dreams my lovely ones.