Walking through my recovery is difficult. Explaining my recovery to others is very difficult. But I know it is an opportunity to grow and develop my tools, and to grow in my faith and dependence on God. I know He wants all of my heart, not just the part I’m comfortable parting with.

But growth and development is not about comfortability. My boundaries and where I see my life in the light of the hard work I have done to come this far in my recovery is not about complacency and staying put. I can’t ignore things that are at odds with my new life in recovery. It is so much easier in the short-term, to turn my head and attention away from things that are unpleasant. But this only pushes the problem away for the short-term. It persists in the background, sometimes intensifying. But on average, it doesn’t just fade away. My best approach is to put one foot in front of the other and proceed through the good, the not-so-good and the downright ugly. But that’s life.

My steps then go forward, but thankfully, I don’t go alone. I have Christ and my recovery family that go along beside me. I have love and hugs and people who check in on me as I walk through darker times. The Lord provides so much in my life. That’s why I am unashamed to share why I am still standing.

Thank you for walking along with me on this good friends. Much love.