A wonderful post from a good friend. Please give it a read as it is another perspective on recovery.

Stand in the Fire of life and allow the flames to transcend your glow!

I was the same beautiful person then as I am now. I had the same kind heart, the same need for love and acceptance from others. The same desires to be whole and happy. I was the same woman who loved her friends and family with all her heart and would do ANYTHING that was asked of her. The same woman who would drop everything and go running to someone who needed me. The same woman who barely had the word NO in her vocabulary. If you needed me I was there. The same woman who cared about making others feel loved and important and accepted and included. The same woman.

So then how can that same woman be SO different and so changed TODAY? How can I look back on my pre-recovery self and feel as though I am talking about a stranger at times?

I have had several…

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