Really, the last several days have been about living my recovery as it pertains to my interpersonal family relationships. We’ll be leaving food out of this discussion, as I have been using every spare recovery tool, nut and bolt to navigate the past several days. Food is, well what it is. I hope to be on a more stable plane tomorrow. Or next week.

Anyway, I know that my tools of recovery continue to be in full operation, because I will hear different voices at times when I am stressed or perplexed about something. But I have to be willing to pause and listen. These “voices” are usually the result of discussions I have had with sponsors, sponsees or lessons I have sat through and somehow the information got tucked away in my brain. Thankfully, I have it as my constant companion as I travel through these life changes.

I know the last few entries that y’all have had to slog through have been a bit cobbled together. I have felt as though my brains were barely above the level of mush or overcooked vegetable matter. My writing is a source of great satisfaction and personal pride for me; not in a big ego-eccentric sort of way, but as in I always want to produce something that reflects my best at the moment. Thank you for bearing with me.

Sweet dreams, send some love out into the world, if you have the opportunity.