Saturday’s travel was so much easier with dry roads. Friday was about just trying to stay on the pavement as the rain and wind pushed us about. But Saturday was an easier drive, with the hardest part behind us, just the longing to be back home in familiar surroundings.

Watching the scenery pass by, going from cactus to brush to leafy trees was a treat. Trying not to drink too much water and thus necessitate too many bio breaks, was the trick of the entire trip.

Sometimes I need to ration my intake of even good things to further my progress in a certain area. This is true in my recovery journey for certain. I can get too wrapped up in a particular service, or focusing in on one area to the exclusion of the larger picture of my journey. This is when I risk becoming unbalanced. To counter this tendency, I make sure my friends and accountability partners are nearby to speak truth and wisdom into my life so I can correct my course and stay healthy.

Ready to see some more sunshine and beauty on my journey. Glad to be home, though. If that makes sense.

Much love.